Bigbe Chicken


Having read reviews online (here and here)  I decided to check out new Taiwanese chicken place Bigbe. It’s just on the edge of Chinatown a trip there involves going past my longtime favourite The Canton. You can’t live on pork and duck on rice – apparently – so it seemed like a good idea to check out the deep fried chicken.

Bigbe is little more than a few deep fat fryers, a counter and some very nice staff but what else do you need? Well, there was a very territorial Jay Rayner lookalike perched on one of the window stools munching on chicken drumsticks. He looked like a man enjoying himself. Maybe you need that too. Was he an actor?

The chicken breast I had was amazing, the outside crispy, flavoured by the sprinkled on spices; the meat moist, very hot and a lovely contrast to the exterior crisp. While we were waiting for our side orders of sweet potato fries a dozen people came through the shop ordering mostly the popcorn chicken which they would munch off sticks as they wandered off down the street. The sweet potato fries were lovely – again crispy on the outside and thermonuclear hot on the inside – but probably not needed. This really is a snack place and the snack is chicken and the place to eat it is the street.

Bigbe Chicken
10 Little Newport St,
London WC2H 7JJ


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