Five tips for visiting Copenhagen

Copenhagen at night

Copenhagen at night: Heading home after seeing the Soul Rebels at the 2013 Jazz Festival.

1. Even if you’re used to expensive places like London you’ll find Copenhagen pretty expensive. Paying £6 for a medium sized beer is normal. On the upside people like to picnic and there are some decent supermarkets across the city and some beautiful parks. One evening on our way to a venue we stopped off with a few cans of beer from the grocery and joined groups of Danes and tourists by the canal in the sunshine.
2. Go during the annual Jazz Festival. It’s in July. The days are long, the weather’s great, people are in a fabulous mood and as well as the jazz there are the museums and galleries.
3. Don’t be shocked but people in Copenhagen are very friendly. The man who stops to ask where you’re going when you get out your map just wants to be helpful, he almost certainly isn’t after anything else. Which isn’t to say don’t be careful with your belongings but Copenhagen feels like a very safe city with a strongly developed civic culture. If you smile at your bus driver they’ll smile back. One of ours waved to us as she drove off. But don’t jay-walk. Even if there’s nothing coming Copenhageners will wait patiently for the lights to change. Do as they do – it’s their city. Anyway, it’s illegal and you can get fined.
4. Get the Copenhagen card. You can get a pass that’ll cover all your transport needs on the Metro, bus and trains as well as giving you free admission to the new aquarium, Louisiana art gallery etc. If you’re on a super tight budget then walking is a viable option as it’s a fascinating city and most things are fairly central and some of the galleries like the Statens Museum for Kunst have extensive permanent free exhibitions.
5. Cycle. Copenhagen is flat and is very good with cyclists. There are extensive cycle only lanes. But do watch out for them when you’re getting off the bus as you may be disembarking into a cycle lane.

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