Visiting The Copenhagen Jazz Festival: The Jan Harbeck Quartet meets Zaha Hadid

Jan Harbeck Quartet

At the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, July 2013

Here’s a picture of the Jan Harbeck Quartet from this year’s Copenhagen Jazz Festival. It was taken on the afternoon of the first Sunday of the festival on a warm summer’s day in the cafe at the Ordrupgaard Museum, a short train ride outside Copenhagen. The cafe’s designed by Zaha Hadid and the convergence of architecture and some mellow jazz in the sunshine sums up our three fantastic days away.

We had tickets to see a couple of American bands (The Soul Rebels, Shannon Powell and Dianne Reeves) (and they were great) but the absolute highlights for me were seeing some of the Danish musicians playing in front of their home crowds. Lenart Ginman and The Shape of Jazz lit up the national art gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst) and the appreciative packed house. To say Danes are keen on their jazz is a bit of an understatement and one of the great things about the festival is the sheer number of free events across the whole of the city. With 100+ performance every day of the festival, across multiple venues from bandstands in the park to Copenhagen’s illustrious jazz clubs, you can see great jazz with very little effort or expense.

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