Is this the best pork chop ever?

pork chop and chard

Pork chop at Rochelle School Canteen, London

We went to Rochelle School Canteen for lunch the other day. My first time there.

Normally I don’t eat pork in restaurants. If badly done it can be dry and tasteless which just seems like an insult to the pig. My exception is with chinese food when I almost always eat pork. I always feel bad about it as I’ve yet to encounter a chinese restaurant that boasts of its pork being sourced from free range pigs on happy farms. The better it tastes the worse I feel.

Anyway this pork chop was perfectly cooked, slightly charred with the smallest hint of pink in the middle, succulent and tender, lightly seasoned with just salt and pepper and a huge ribbon of the best tasting pig fat and crispy skin running along one side. To make it perfect once you’ve demolished the chop there’s the smallest remains of charred flesh on the bone to gnaw at. Mmmmmmmm.

You’re looking at that thinking there’s an awful lot of fat on that chop, did he eat it all? He certainly did. It was amazing.


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