Some radio programmes you might like (part 1)


Paul Richter as Siegfried in a scene from Fritz Lang’s Die Nibelungen: Siegfried. In short, not the Met production mentioned below.

This is what I’ve marked up in the week’s Radio Times. I’ll be trying to listen to the ones I’ve missed on RadioPlayer or iPlayer Radio while they’re still available. Click on the links to to go to the programmes (and have a listen if they’re still available). I’ll be adding other programmes during the week (as I miss them).

Saturday 20 April

Radio 3: Wagner 200 – Siegfried, Live from the Met
If I’m coming back from my mother-in-law’s on a Saturday I love listening to Live from the Met. Most of the time I have no idea what’s going on – not just with the story but also with the interval quiz. Until recently it wasn’t available on BBC iPlayer but is now. This week’s opera, part of the celebrations of Wagner’s 200th anniversary (no one deserves to be married for that long), clocks in at an impressive five hours and thirty minutes. On the Radio 3 website it says:

The third opera of The Ring Cycle centres on Siegfried, the boy who knows no fear. Siegfried forges a new sword out of the remains of his father’s shattered blade Nothung, which he then uses both to kill the dragon Fafner, and to break The Wanderer’s spear. The opera ends with his discovery of Brunnhilde, and finally realising the meaning of fear, and of love. Jay Hunter Morris sings Siegfried, with Deborah Voigt as Brunnhilde and Mark Delavan The Wanderer.

I also love the fact that it’s presented by Margaret Juntwait and Ira Siff. Proper NYC names.

6 Music: The Tom Robinson show
I caught a bit of this while cooking and he played some impressive unsigned bands from BBC Introducing, the service where bands can upload their demos for a presenter or producer to listen to. He also gave out some handy tips for new bands looking to give him, Zane Lowe, Steve Lamacq etc their demos. It was basically “We’ll only give you one chance so don’t give us shit – if you don’t think it’s ready or the best thing you’ve every done don’t give it to us until it is”. I liked that. There’s a weekly mixtape you can download and keep.


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