Olympic Posters: Canada

Olympic Posters: Canada
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At the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood there’s a very good show of Olympic posters through the modern age including this detail from the Montreal Olympics. (Full poster here). I was standing in front of it with my niece Betty. She looked at it shaking her head and said “That’s not right.” I’m not sure if she means the kid doing gymnatics with the man dressed only in green underpants or the general air of desperation that pervades these badly lit, badly shot and badly styled pieces of 70s memorabilia


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  1. Steve Bowbrick

    When I was a kid my dad collected tokens from the petrol station and sent off for a really beautiful book of facsimiles of Olympic posters from the beginning (not the *very* beginning obviously). They were all beautifully printed and packaged in a kind of display album that allowed you to take them out and frame them or whatever. I used to get it out and look at them all every now and then. I guess this was around the time of Munich. I really wish I had that book of posters. It didn’t show up when he died but it could easily still be among his stuff I suppose…

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