Another Control entry

One of the comments for this YouTube Joy Division video – about John Cooper Clarke (“Who the fuck is the prick talking about ‘bloody queues’ at the beginning?”) – reminded me about something that happened at the screening we went to the other night. Yol pops out of the cinema just before the film starts and the 20-something barmaid asks her what’s on. Yol says ‘Control’. The woman looks blank. ‘A film about Joy Division,’ says Yol. ‘Ian Curtis?’ The woman shakes her head more blankly, the words passing over her head meaninglessly. Young people, eh? They know nothing, happy to wallow in their ignorance.


One comment

  1. Paul Murphy

    Update: Peter Bradshaw’s colleague Philip French on The Observer really didn’t rate Control. It may well be the difference between the self-admitted forty-something for who the period the film covers coincided with their formative teens to twenties and someone for who the band and the era meant and still mean nothing.

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