Central St Martins Fine Art MA Show: JG Ballard

Central St Martins Fine Art MA Show: JG Ballard

We went to the CSM MA show last night. Having been to the show every year for the last seven years seeing the work of friends I’m more enamoured with the spaces than most of the work. There were a few pieces I liked – the shark, the landscapes on mutilated MDF, the sheet of A4 text – but Jim got most excited by the fact that JG Ballard was there. He looks really normal (which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me but did) and wasn’t freaked out by this guy badly pretending not to be taking pictures of him.



  1. Molly Bloom

    Hello chuck…only just seen your comment on Freecycle. If you e-mail me at the address on the freecycle blog…I’ll send it to you. You’ve just caught it by a whiskerxx Nice to meet you! Oooh, J G Ballard…I met him. Fab bloke.

  2. rockmother

    gave you a plug on my latest post but one – hope you got lots of visitors – podcast 5 and 6 are uploaded. Did you like your song the other week?And thanks for the Elvis book – brilliant. Catch up soon.A xx

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