For this Chinese boy…

…Christmas is just all too much. You go a whole year without going in phony pubs once and then you find yourself on consecutive days in 1) An All Bar One, 2) An O’Neils 3) A gastropub in Waterloo where they serve brandy in a miniature water tumbler. Charity shops are full of nice brandy glasses – what is their problem? Anyway, I’ve been giving out lots of drunken Christmas hugs to people I barely know in these places which is my small contribution to the season of goodwill and all that. Tonight Shoreditch. Please feel free to stop me and ask for a hug if it’ll help get you through the next couple weeks.



  1. Jett Loe

    I remember one time we went out – had too much tequila – and your lady told me the next day that she had never seen ya that drunk…this Christmas I promise it will just be hugs..

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