White Skull

Well the thing has been done now. ‘Bout 60 people came through my studio on the Open Studio weekend (I like to capitalise the O and S in ‘Open Studio’, it give it gravitas) and a few people seemed to like what I’m up to. I’ll post some pictures of the studio when I get a chance. In the meantime here’s White Skull, a particular favourite with the gothic visitors.



  1. Anonymous

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  2. Jett Loe

    i can’t believe you got DOGHOUSE SPAM!!! (doghouse spam – didn’t they open for nirvana back in the day??)anyhew- sorry i missed your show buddy – work looks good

  3. Anonymous

    Hey,Dogs who live in houses shouldn’t throw bones.Just wanted to say that, and youre blog is great and all.I’m working on a site about dog houses, you know, IN THE DOG HOUSE and stuff like that.Thanks for your awesome work.

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