Kieffer (not Kienholz)

I loaded some photos from a few weeks ago in iPhoto as they’d got buried in Yol’s masses of wobbly photos of magazine layouts that she’s been using for her research. It had been from a local gallery visit one day when I was at home. Anyway I dutifully tagged them in my usual derisory way and came to work. In a break between extracting less dull data from extremely dull monthly Webtrends data I decided to add a few bells and trimmings – like a description to the set I’d created. Then I thought I’d blog it. It was at some point in the middle of an anecdote about the first time someone, a girl I kissed in fact, had told me about the artist Ed Kienholz that I realised I’d spent the morning mixing up the artist Ed Kienholz with the artist Anselm Kieffer. An easy mistake to make. The girl, let’s call her Julie (becuase that’s her name), became a lesbian (or may well have been a lesbian already, it’s such a long time ago I can hardly remember). Anyway, I’ve corrected my error – mostly by adding extra tags rather than deleting the incorrect ones – following the “four tags good, eight tags better” school of thought.

The link will take you to my favourite French language art blog’s coverage of the Kieffer show.

(Full disclosure: This is the only Franch language blog I’ve ever looked at and this is the only entry I’ve ever looked at. I know it’s Kienholz Kieffer because the blog has a picture of one of the pieces from the first part of the show)

Next week idiotboy mixes up Julian Schnabel with the son of John Lennon.



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