Polish painters

After a tense few days peace has broken out between my wife and the painters. We went away for a few days and drove around the Norfolk coast which was very beautiful and managed to get four walks on four different beaches in two days. I now want to live in a caravan at the top of a cliff overlooking the North Norfolk coast – I saw a few that are blighted by the fact that their pitches will soon be at the bottom of the cliff rather than the top.

On our return of Saturday night there was paint everywhere and two Poles – Pshamak and Magic (which is probably Madjic but I like Magic better) painting in the dark. They were going to come in on Sunday which wasn’t according to plan but after the boss lady left it became clear that Pshamak didn’t want to work Sunday as his sister was arriving that day and his girlfriend was leaving the next. We wanted a day without them so we had a beer together and sent them off to a party in Tottenham. We cleaned up the house, made a long list of demands of things we weren’t happy with and had a very long chat with the boss today. She was very understanding (Her: “Oh, I’m sorry I thought you wanted a shit job.” Me: “No, no. If I wanted that I would do it myself.”). Things have picked up since then: they call my wife “Sir”; clean up after themselves and all is well despite Danny (not the Antiguan one, a Polish one) trying to electrocute himself today (and more pertinently blow up the computer at the same time). We will see.


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