My wife says…

It’s only day 3 of the painters but my wife is losing it. She phones up regularly to regale my with what they did next: “You wouldn’t believe…”. Today’s list includes Pshamak burning the worktop in the kitchen with a hot coffee pot straight off the stove (rendering my earlier comment to Yol “He seems the more together of the two” redundant); Danny leaving the front door open constantly so the cats could go play in traffic; Danny saying to Yol “warm my cup of tea up for me, nuh?” and when she said she would show him how so he could do it himself he said “I don’t like to take advantage, see?”; Pshamak changing the plugs and light switches without turning the fuse box off (“I didn’t like to do that. Yolanda needs to work.” Sweet.); Pshamak announcing to Yol that there’d be no electricity in most of the house as he had cemented up the plugs and light switches and had to leave it off overnight; more I can’t remember. I daren’t go home.


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